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Photography that gives
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Quality images make a huge difference to your advertising material and brand appeal. 

Avoid using the same stock images as everybody else and stand out from the crowd with unique photography. If you’re hosting an event, great pictures can capture the atmosphere and take you back to that moment, allowing you to amplify the message longer.

They say that everybody is a photographer these days because we all have a camera on our phones, but have you seen the same thing photographed by a professional? Is everybody with a pen is a poet?!

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Our Photography & Videography


Strong photography builds your brand in a way that people can relate to rather than standard stock images used all over the internet. Show your own business, your people, your products, or behind the scenes.

Location & travel

Having travelled to over seventy countries we have an extensive library of images and the experience to perfectly photograph people, places, landscapes and cultures.

Documentary & photojournalism

Visual story telling to faithfully represent a subject, project, historical or social event. It’s not easy to condense everything that’s going on into a tightly edited series of compelling images or short video clip that others can understand.

Portraiture & fashion

Personal photoshoots for family & friends, corporate head-shots for annual reviews & marketing messages, or fashion shoots for brands. Portrait photography respresents the individual’s personality so it can be a lot of fun.

Events & weddings

Wouldn’t it be great to amplify your message and capture the atmosphere of corporate conferences, concerts, charitable events, and marketing activations. Weddings are once in a lifetime and the photographs will take your imagination back to those special memories.

Professional photography gives you a competitive advantage

Why?... Because bad photography hurts your business!

Stand out from the crowd with compelling visuals

If you want your business to exist in the digital era, it almost certainly needs an online presence. If you want it to grow in the digital era, that presence needs to be exceptional and visually compelling.

Images get attention

Visual content is more than 40 times more likely to be shared on social media than other types of content. Displaying professionally taken photos alongside your social posts makes them far more likely to be engaged by your desired audiences, growing your brand and reaching more potential customers organically.


Quality photography demonstrates the credibility of your company and will result in customers trusting your brand as authentic and one they want to support. You know that your product is better than your competitor’s, but stock images and smartphone photography just won’t get the message across.

Less hassle & more cost effective

We are more than happy to take over the logistics of the creative process, bring in our equipment, editing, retouching skills to provide a complete package for a fraction of the price of either buying/hiring the kit yourself or finding various people to do different aspects.

Our Approach

We have over thirty years’ experience of commercial, travel, documentary, industrial and wedding photography. Most commercial work today is shot on digital for the speed of turn around. We use Canon and Leica full-frame digital cameras for their superior quality lenses, colour science, image quality and total reliability.

If you love the aesthetic of film, no problem, we have 35mm and medium format film cameras producing delicious images that will be digitised on high-resolution flat-bed scanners.

Once the photographs have been shot, post-production turns them into beautifully finished images ready for distribution. The same applies to the editing of video footage to fit the project specification, and finally colour grading to give the desired look and feel that brings the footage to life.

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