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What is your brand identity and how much is it worth? If you’re Apple, the brand alone is worth $297 Billion. You don’t need to see a  logo on a product to know it’s Apple.

Go-to-market strategy is equally important to build your unique value proposition, understand the target audience, and market to them in the most effective way. 

“Build it and they will come” is rarely a good plan.


It all starts with your logo and how you present your business to the world. This isn’t just for new businesses, you may be long established but need a brand refresh. You can expect logos or wordmarks, fonts, colour palette, image styles, messaging, content and the story surrounding the brand to bring it alive for your team and customers.

Brand Development

Following analysis of how your brand is perceived, with discussions about your business objectives, target customers and value proposition, we’ll plan how to get you where you want to be with quick results. This will include brand positioning, online/offline advertising, website messaging, content marketing, and training of the sales team.

Go To Market Strategy

What are you selling? Who is it for? Why do they want it? What problem are you solving? Why would they buy it from you? These are some of the building blocks for developing the value proposition and determining how it should be positioned in the market. All this information must be condensed into something clear, simple and concise that anybody can grasp from which the marketing material will be derived.

Marketing Strategy

If you’ve reached this far in our website, you’ve already seen the wide variety of ways that your brand, product or service can be marketed and advertised. Our job is to develop the strategy that will get your advertising in front of people that are going to be interested in buying, and the best return on investment. It may be a blend of traditional & digital marketing, or it could be all online. It will depend upon what you’re selling to whom, and your go-to-market strategy.


Maintaining your brand identity for all the internal and external communication gives a professional appearance to everything that goes out. Presentations, newsletters, brochures, annual reports, press releases etc. must have a quality look and feel to build credibility.

How much should you budget for marketing?

In the mid 90s, Steve Jobs took a company on the brink of extinction and turned it into the largest and most successful brand in the world. How? He understood the vital role marketing plays in a company’s success.

A company’s total marketing spend is usually between 7~15% of annual revenue, a quarter of which is spent on digital marketing
(Gartner et al). 

It varies depending upon the industry, stage of business growth, margin, and market penetration. If you’re new into the market or launching something new, especially a product to consumers, then the spend can increase to 20%. With the tools available in digital marketing, a start-up can quickly challenge an established brand that has become complacent.


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