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Digital marketing is essential in today’s marketplace to raise the company profile, prove credibility and provide prospective customers with detailed information on what you offer. 

Around two thirds of people have researched and decided what and where they’re going to buy before they even contact you, so it’s essential that you are informing those decisions.

The positioning must be aimed at their point of view – why have they come to your site? What are they looking for? What’s going to convert them into a paying customer? How will you secure repeat business? Simply posting isn’t enough, you need the content in front of the right people and drive them to your pages.

Our Digital Marketing

Graphic design for social media

We will design fresh new content for all your social media platforms multiple times per week. These are optimised for the sites so your posts are always displayed correctly. Rather than ‘filler’ posts just to get content out there, we will work with you to decide on the current messaging and push your proposition.

Advertising & campaigns

Having posts on your wall isn’t enough, you need to drive engagement and get your story in front of your target audience. After agreeing your budget we use online advertising that is targeted at specific demographics on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, banner ads, and Google Ads. For lead generation we’ll create a beautiful landing page.

Mailing & newsletter management

Newsletters provide a great way of enticing prospective clients that completed a sign-up form, and for staying connected with existing customers. But there’s a balance to getting the frequency and content right. We will help to maintain the contact list, ensure GDPR compliance, design the rich email newsletters, and report on the success.

Search engine optimisation

Search engine optimisation, or SEO, is shrouded in mystery and from the outside appears to be a dark art. It’s about getting your business to appear high in related search listings and gaining ‘organic’ traction. We use a range of tools to get your site known by the search engines, add the right meta tags and keywords, and assess the many variables that affect your ranking.

Reporting, analytics & intelligence

Analysing the success of your social media presence and advertising campaigns is key to getting the best value for money from the budget. It’s also important to see how people interact with your site, how they found you, and their demographics. Facebook ‘likes’ are nice, but paying customers are even nicer!

Why is digital marketing so critical?

It’s a conversation, not one way • It’s real-time • It’s cheaper • Wider and targeted reach

Brand awareness

Millions of people spend hours every day on the Internet where they come to into contact with different brands, goods, and services. Digital marketing produces a brand that is recognizable to the target clients by boosting its online visibility. Customers will become loyal ones and more importantly brand ambassadors, telling their friends about your company and subsequently generating free publicity for you.

Consumer insights

Marketing is no longer about pushing information at your potential clients, but about creating conversations with them. This means both giving, and receiving information. By being able to communicate in real time during each step of buying cycle means you can extract insights that would be impossible with traditional marketing.

Exposure to specific audiences

A billboard is seen by everybody who passes whether they’re interested or not; and there’s debate over the recall value too. With digital marketing you can invest in ads that will reach only your specific target, instead of wasting money communicating to audiences that were never going to buy.

More cost effective

The costs and returns of digital marketing can be accurately tracked so your strategy and campaigns can be adjusted rapidly. Compared to traditional marketing, you can target people very effectively and adverts are often charged on a success basis such as a cost-per-click.

Better revenue growth

Digital marketing doesn’t only help you save money by bringing in clients at a lower cost than through traditional marketing methods, but also helps you increase your revenue. Google found that companies using digital marketing tools are 2.8X more likely to increase their revenue than those that didn’t.

Education & smart customers

A B2B community article notes that “corporate decision-makers reach as far as 67% of the way through their buying cycle before agreeing to talk to any vendors.” Buyers prefer to do their own research and take recommendations from others so your business should be helping to influence those decisions through your online presence.

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